Webinar "State of Emergency and Immigration Detention: The Grey Areas of the Right to Liberty"

Centre for the Study of Law in Theory and Practice, Liverpool John Moores University - Department of Legal Studies, University of Bologna -‘Beyond Detention’ Research Unit

  • Date: 26 January 2021 from 16:00 to 18:00

  • Event location: ONLINE via the ZOOM platform

  • Access Details: Free admission subject to enrolment

The Webinar brings together international judges (Ksenija Turković, Paulo Pinto de Albuquerque), the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights (Fionnuala Ni Aolain), and leading scholars, in order to address key legal and criminological questions arising from States’ expanded use of preventive detention, with special regard to counterterrorism and immigration control. Speakers will explore the following issues: the abuse of preventive detention as an antiterrorism measure, the ‘tensions’ between immigration detention and the international human rights standards, and the human rights implications of immigration detention at the national level. The full programme of the event and registration are available on the Event page.

Welcome Address

  • Prof. Timothy Nichol (Liverpool John Moores University)
  • Prof. Michele Caianiello (University of Bologna)

Panel I

Opening Remarks and Chair: Dr Triestino Mariniello (Liverpool John Moores University)

  • Prof. Fionnuala Ni Aolain (United Nations Special Rapporteur on Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights/University of Minnesota & Queen’s University of Belfast) – “Derogation and Right to Liberty in a State of Emergency”
  • Judge Prof. Paulo Pinto de Albuquerque (European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR)/Catholic University of Lisbon) – “Immigration Detention in Strasbourg Caselaw”
  • Judge Prof. Ksenija Turković (ECtHR/University of Zagreb) – “Right to Liberty of Migrants: ‘Dialogue’ between the European Courts”

Panel II

Chair and Closing Remarks: Dr Paolo Lobba (ECtHR/University of Bologna)

  • Ms Naureen Shah (American Civil Liberties Union) – “Immigration Detention: Current Challenges in the United States”
  • Prof. Elena Valentini (University of Bologna) – “Human Rights Implications of Immigration Detention in Italy”
  • Prof. Mary Bosworth (University of Oxford) – “Human Rights and Immigration Detention in the United Kingdom”