• Research areas

    A path through the areas, projects and research groups where new knowledge is born and developed. Discover the research and scientific innovation of the Department's researchers.

  • Working and research groups

    The research activity within the Department, carried out by experts from different cultural areas, is characterized by a wide variety of scientific interests in the legal sciences. The variety of interests creates working and research groups operating in the Department for national and European projects.

  • Research projects

    The research projects and initiatives in which the teachers and researchers of the Department are involved at European, national and international level.

  • Laboratories

    The Department's laboratories collect the expertise of the different research areas and constitute a support tool for the activities which are developed in clear continuity with the research sectors involved in the Department and with the issues related to them.

  • Study and Research Centres

    It is a laboratory where research, teaching and third-party activities are carried out.

  • Publications and editorial activities

    The scientific activity of the Department members: journals and series directed by professors or researchers, monographs of research groups and scientific publications (journal articles and book chapters) of individual professors and researchers.