EMPOWERMENT project - Students and managers meet

EMPOWERMENT is an initiative of the Department of Legal Studies for students, undergraduates and recent graduates to encourage the acquisition of awareness and determination in accessing the world of work, with particular attention to corporate and managerial roles.

UNIJUNIOR project - Growing by Learning

UNIJUNIOR is a university for children between the ages of 8 and 14. The only school of its kind in Italy, it was created with the ambitious aim of bringing children closer to the study of important subjects, using simple tools known to children like practical experience, play and fun. UNIJUNIOR is a project launched in 2008 by the Leo Scienza Cultural Association (formerly Fun Science) and developed thanks to the commitment and dedication of the sponsors and the university staff that every day do their best to promote its dissemination. UNIJUNIOR stimulates the curiosity of children by leveraging the natural instinct of exploration that spurs them to learn about the world, finding answers to their endless questions and meeting their priority needs.



The third mission means a new scope of application of the Departmental research quality assurance system according to the parameters defined by ANVUR, namely "the set of activities through which the original knowledge produced by universities through scientific research is actively transformed into productive knowledge, susceptible to economic and commercial applications".

A salient feature of the third mission is the production of public goods of a social, educational and cultural nature, which is substantiated by the "ability of Universities and Departments to make the results of their research and specific service activities available to society". 

To this end, the University nominated a collegial body (the TM Observatory) on 22 May 2018 with the task of developing and updating principles, criteria and methods for the evaluation of the third mission activities carried out by the scientific-disciplinary areas.

The monitoring of the activities by the TM Observatory concerns diversified actions, such as: