The Department is involved in the production of services to support the digitisation of deliberative, documentary and organisational processes in complex areas.

It also carries out activities for third parties (e.g. research and consulting contracts with external clients) and job placement services. 

Spin-off companies

Spin-offs are innovative businesses established at the initiative of both permanent and fixed-term university research staff, who base their business ideas on innovative goods and services designed and developed using the results of the research performed at the University.

The University of Bologna offers various actions and services to support teachers, researchers, fellows and PhD students who want to develop a business idea through the support of entrepreneurship for the creation of spin-offs.

List of Spin-offs participated in through Almacube Srl or directly by the University of Bologna, in the law area:


  • Main business
    BitNomos provides tools and design solutions to support the digitisation of deliberative, documentary and organisational processes in complex areas, including governmental, intergovernmental, civil, and corporate organisations. The main clients are private companies, parliaments, courts, regulatory drafting offices of national and regional governments, official journals and institutional bodies for the publication of regulatory sources.
  • Industry sectors of reference
    ICT; computer-legal consultancy.
  • Website
  • Members
    --- Luca Cervone (president and founder)
    --- Monica Palmirani (vice president and founder)
    --- Fabio Vitali (founder)
  • Contacts
    --- Email:


  • Main business
    From the experience of university research this company creates trademarks and specifications for the international food market. The mission is to promote food safety, protect consumers and give value to quality products. The company tracks and monitors food supply chains in real time with the latest IoT and blockchain technologies.
  • Industry sectors of reference
    ICT; computer-legal consultancy; food.
  • Website
  • Members
    --- Filippo Briguglio (president and founder)
    --- Fabrizio Bugamelli (founder)
    --- Alberto Camellini (board member)
    --- Enrico Al Mureden (food law board)
    --- Francesco Fenga (food scientific board)
    --- Stefano Ferretti (blockchain scientific board)
    --- Michele Stocola (food law board)
  • Contacts
    --- Email:
    --- PEC:



The third mission means a new scope of application of the Departmental research quality assurance system according to the parameters defined by ANVUR, namely "the set of activities through which the original knowledge produced by universities through scientific research is actively transformed into productive knowledge, susceptible to economic and commercial applications".

A salient feature of the third mission is the production of public goods of a social, educational and cultural nature, which is substantiated by the "ability of Universities and Departments to make the results of their research and specific service activities available to society". 

To this end, the University nominated a collegial body (the TM Observatory) on 22 May 2018 with the task of developing and updating principles, criteria and methods for the evaluation of the third mission activities carried out by the scientific-disciplinary areas.

The monitoring of the activities by the TM Observatory concerns diversified actions, such as: