Specialization schools

Specialisation schools are postgraduate courses designed to train specialised figures. See the Courses part of the Department’s disciplinary area.

Specialisation schools of a legal area

  • Enrico Redenti" Legal Professions
    Code: 0124
    Director/Coordinator: Prof. Gaetano Insolera
    Duration: 2 years
    The School is aimed at the theoretical-practical training of law graduates who wish to specialise in the area of legal subjects, themes and techniques functional to the exercise of the legal professions of ordinary magistrate, lawyer and notary.
  • Studies on Public Administration
    Code: 1140
    Director/Coordinator: Prof. Giuseppe Caia
    Duration: 2 years
    The School provides the methodical and content-related skills required by professionals in the field of administrative law, as well as adequate knowledge of the relevant economic, business and organisational disciplines.

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