26 Jan 2021


Webinar "State of Emergency and Immigration Detention: The Grey Areas of the Right to Liberty"

ONLINE via the ZOOM platform

Centre for the Study of Law in Theory and Practice, Liverpool John Moores University - Department of Legal Studies, University of Bologna -‘Beyond Detention’ Research Unit

25 Feb 2021

Presentations and meetings

3MT – Three Minute Thesis Competition


The 3MT challenges PhD students to explain their research in English in 3 minutes to an ‘intelligent lay audience’, i.e. a target of non-experts. Expression of interest deadline: 11 January 2021

Eventi conclusi

9 Oct 2020


Webinar "Balancing States’ Responses and the Protection of Foreign Investors in the (Post) Pandemic World"


Prof. Attila Tanzi will be moderator in the first session. The event takes place online and is free upon registration.

25 Sep 2020

Presentations and meetings

Meraviglie blu: the new frontiers of research and exploration for the planet

DAMSLab (P.zzetta P. P. Pasolini, 5/b - Bologna)

What secrets hide in the oceans? With Alma Mater researchers and National Geographic explorers we will discover how to protect the marine environment restoring the balance between Humans and Nature.

16 Sep 2020


Webinar "La nuova trade policy dell’Unione europea"

ONLINE via the ZOOM platform

Speakers: Pietro Manzini, Antonio Parenti, Giorgio Sacerdoti, Michele Vellano, Claudio Dordi, Paola Mariani, Susanna Cafaro and Elisa Baroncini.

26 Feb 2020

Presentations and meetings

Career day - February 26

Pavilion 33 in Bologna Fiere - Aldo Moro Entrance

Register online, meet employers, and submit your CV. Take part in the event!

12 Dec 2019


Seminar "Cultural diversity and fundamental rights"

Ravenna, Via Pasolini, Palazzo Verdi

Teaching on Public law and protection of fundamental rights. The seminar is part of the research project: ALMAIDEA2017 – La diversità culturale come cura. Cura della diversità culturale.

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