Teaching modes at DSG on a.y. 2020-2021

Course units of the DSG programs taken place in the first semester will be organized by one of the models decided by the University.

Model 1. Simple Alternate Mode

The lecturer teaches in class every time. One part of the students will be in class, while the other part will follow the lecture remotely (which means that every classroom will be equipped so to allow live streaming lectures via Teams). If the number of the students wishing to attend in-class lectures overcomes the room capacity, groups of students will be formed. During the course, each group will be in class alternately, so to guarantee to all students the same level of participation. 


Model 2. “Y” Mode 

Let’s consider a 60-hour course and suppose that the number of students is in line with the necessary distancing measures to observe. This model will provide:

  1. a first round of lectures (module 1, 20h) delivered exclusively online;
  2. a second round (module 2, 20h) of in-class lectures without live streaming;
  3. a third round (module 3, 20h) delivered exclusively online and only to those students who cannot or are not willing to attend in-class lectures (apart from the students who attended the in-class round).

Basing on this model, each student will attend a 40-hour course unit, while the lecturer overall teaching activity will be of 60 hours. Such solution is possible due to the different allocation of ECTS credits in module 2 and module 3 (that is also in line with the applicable rules on teaching). 


Model 3. Mixed Mode

Up to 50% of the lectures is delivered online. The remaining lectures are delivered in class and online at the same time.