PRIN2017 - Dis/Connection: Labor and Rights in the Internet Revolution

The project “Dis/Connection: Labor and Rights in the Internet Revolution” consist of a three-year research funding, awarded by the Italian Ministry of University, to Bologna, Napoli Federico II, Udine, Venezia Ca’ Foscari Universities, coordinated by prof. Davide Casale of the Department of Legal Studies. The project is focused on the legal issues that emerge in the regulation of work in the so-called fourth industrial revolution, namely, the technological revolution. The aim of the project is to assess the degree to which the Italian legal system is equipped to deal with the new problem of reconciling productivity with the new needs of workers’ protection, taking under consideration also the comparative and European perspective. The four research units will be analyzing legal and contractual regulation of work relationships from different perspectives in order to identify strengths and weaknesses of the legislation.

Principal Investigator

Davide Casale

Associate Professor